Ecology and protection of Bembix Fabricius, 1775 digger wasps in central Europe Print

Digger wasps of the genus Bembix are big and conspicuous and very endangered. Especially both species occurring in the Czech Republic are bound to open sandy habitats, of which more than 90% were in last years destroyed. Recently, all localities are protected and both species are studied. However, spreading of this species nor increasing of their population density has not been observed in the localities. Thus, we decided to describe the ethology of the both species and parameters of the nest sites. First, we collected all data on the distribution of both species. Now, we started to map the nesting sites and each nest. Then, we would like to measure physical (substrate characteristics, sunshine, temperature, humidity) and biological (growing plants, other hymenoptera, prey and parasites) factors of the nest sites.

We would like to collect data of all these parameters and also study the same in sites, which are similar and near to nest-sites, but not occupied by Bembix. Otherwise, our survey is also focused on other hymenopterans nesting in same sites together with Bembix. Protection of Bembix could help also these species.

The results will help to the conservation of both species – first, we must know the ecology, and then we can protect...

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