Aculeate fauna of sand quarries and coal dumps with relation to the succession and recultivation Print

As most of open sandy habitats have been destroyed, sand quarries and coal dumps became one of the most important nesting sites of aculeate Hymenoptera. However, not all these sites show high diversity of this insect group. As a reaction to studies, that compared these localities through study of birds and plants, we would like to study the Aculeata diversity in different sites. Presence or absence of appropriate species shows many aspects of the locality and also of the species studied. This survey is now on the starting point. We plan to use colored pan traps for hymenoptera collecting. We would also measure characteristics of the substrate of all sites using standard methods.
Statistically evaluated connection of different species to different locality characters will be the first result, and relation of species diversity on different factors will be the next result. After that, we will be able to find the species-rich localities and to change some other to species-rich.

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